The internet is full with incorrect and false information produced by people who promote themselves as fitness gurus. They claim that they provide you with adequate and important information that will help you out, but in fact their only aim is to squeeze as much money out of your pockets as they possibly can.

The idea behind THEBODYBUILDINGBLOG is to provide online readers with valuable and accurate information no matter whether people want to improve muscle growth, shed body fat, or just for general health.

All of the information written on the blog is based on my personal experience and knowledge that I have developed through excessive material analysis. I attempt my best to provide you with valid statistics and scientific documented proofs that will assist you in your quest to physique improvements.

Also, coming soon, will be the recipes section where me and my lovely girlfriend will show you what are the healthy dishes that we prepare in order to follow a proper, healthy and rich food of macronutrients and micronutrients.

I hope that the purpose of this blog will be fulfilled and you will reap the benefit of having easy to access and ready to read information!

Thank you guys for reading this small website bio and go ahead, unleash your potential!



  1. c’est vrai qui n’est pas facile de changer son corps et encore moins de le muscler.Mais avec de la patiente et de l’entrainement, on peut y arriver.


  2. Your webpage is pretty good as well as the articles. Thanks. I started lifting weight when I as 13 as you. The only thing is when I entered college I started drinking, smoking and so on. Now I am 27. I wonder how my life whould be if I did not stop training as a pro athlete.

    Now I need to loose all so many pounds and get back. The difference between me and other people is that I have good genetics, knowledgeand motivation.

    I know it would be a long a pinful journy but I know I will do it.

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