Motivation Monday: Top 7 Motivational Fitness and Workout Quotes Of The Week

Let’s be honest for a second here – we all hate Mondays!

It’s just hard getting up in the morning knowing that today is that day… it’s Monday. We need a little bit of a push or motivation that will help us improve our day and our week.

This is the main reason why I decided to curate yet another Motivation Monday (check out the first one if you haven’t) with some more clever, inspiring and downright amazing motivational fitness quotes, that I’ve stumbled upon this week.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did and hopefully they’re going to make your Monday just a little bit more bearable!


Motivation Monday: Top 7 Motivational Fitness Quotes Of The Week

1. A Man Who Conquers Himself


2. The Impossible Today Will Be Your Future Warm-up


3.  There Is No Shortcut


4.  Life Is About Continuously Being Hungry


5. I Am Obsessed



6. I Will Show You How Great I Am



7. Work Hard In Silence




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