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Jump rope is an incredible aerobic exercise. It burns a lot of calories, it increases your metabolism for hours, no expensive equipment, and you can do it anywhere you desire. It’s not just a child’s play.

A normal jump rope routine activates a lot of muscle groups from the human body. The calves, abs, forearms, thighs, and gluteals muscles (the buttocks). There are a lot of combinations that increase or decrease the intensity of the aerobic exercise, thus making it the ultimate fat burner.

The most important task is to make sure that it’s the right length for your size. In some cases it is possible to adjust the length if the rope is too long, if it doesn’t have that capability there is an easy way you can make sure it’s perfect for you. Stand with both legs in the middle of the rope and pull it towards your shoulders, the handles should reach to your armpits.

Pick the right clothes that are going to be comfortable for you and start jumping. Make sure you are using your wrists not your whole arm to turn the rope. Make sure you have a bottle of water near by, you are going to need it.

As your experience increase you can start combining different variations of jumps.

The fun part about this amazing aerobic exercise is that it never gets boring. There are so many combinations that you can use that are going to tire you up and increase your heart beat, you can even check the internet for some tricks that you can try to perform with the jump rope.

So there you go a cheap and fun way to lose more weight faster, give it a try!