The 30 Best Fat-burning Foods



As I have mentioned numerous times before – when it comes to fat loss the most important role is played by nutrition. This is exactly the reason why individuals who aim to reduce their body fat percentage need to pay adequate attention to the types of food they consume and to properly adjust their diet.

As we strive to attain great results and shape our bodies to a leaner more aesthetic state we deliberately aim at combining as many fat-burning foods in our diet as we possibly can.

It is without doubt that some foods have a more powerful impact on our metabolic rate and thus lead to a more effective fat loss regiment.

Keep in mind that even though these foods will facilitate your body’s fat burning capabilities it is important for you to remember that in order to achieve proper fat loss you need to be in a caloric deficit – i.e your are burning more calories than you are consuming.

This is the main reason why I have decided that it would be a great idea to share with you guys my personal 30 Best Fat-Burning Foods! Read the rest of this entry

Healthy Recipe Ideas – Breaded Fish Fillet and Low Fat Cheese


I sometimes have these really strong urges and cravings for junk food. And even with years of experience and dieting I still get them. There’s no escaping them! The good news is that you can prepare yourself something that is equally, if not even more, tasty.

An easy, healthy, and quick snack like this one will help you out by providing you with important macronutrients and micronutrients that will help you out with your fitness program and most importantly will save you from the evil junk-food cravings.

Furthermore, this dish is excellent for parties as it can be shared with a lot of people, offers an amazing taste and is absolutely healthy, which means that you are not filling yourself with tons and tons of bad fats and sugars from the dip choices!

A very important reminder is that there is lactose involved in the meal, if you by any chance are diagnosed with lactose intolerance what you can do is exclude the low fat cheese from the recipe and stick with the breaded fish fillet. It still has an amazing taste so you won’t be missing out! Read the rest of this entry

Healthy Recipe Ideas – Cooked Basa Fish With Sweet Potatoes


Whether you are trying to improve natural muscle growth or lose weight nutrition is an important asset that must never be taken for granted. This is why I decided that it would be a good idea to share my easy, healthy dinner recipe idea that will help you out! This delicious meal takes no longer than 40-45 minutes to prepare and is extremely healthy, nutritional and packed with micronutrients and macronutrients! Read the rest of this entry

14 Tips To Stimulate Fast Muscle Growth Naturally


This article thoroughly demonstrates my personal 14 techniques on how to naturally improve fast muscle growth. The main purpose here is to provide online readers with adequate and accessible information that I have worked hard on for a couple of years now.

You do not have to necessarily follow all of the 14 tips from the article, as long as you implement one or two of them you will see changes and improvements to your natural muscle growth.

What I would recommend is just skimming through the whole article and reading through all of the different bits and then choose one or two of them which you would like to implement. Come back afterwards and pick another two or more that you would like to apply.

Another important note that needs to be made before you jump into the article is that my tips for building muscle will definitely help you achieve good results. However, do not expect huge jumps or impressive, non-human-like, massive muscle growth.

And also something to consider is that all of the tips are not constructed hierarchically meaning that there is no progression from one to another and they are not in order by importance. Read the rest of this entry

3 Ways To Gain More Muscle Mass


Probably the most trending question amongst us men is ‘How to gain more muscle mass?’; ‘What supplements should I take to gain more mass?’; ‘What is the secret to gaining more mass?’. It’s like for the past couple of months the three main words that I have been hearing are ‘How’ and ‘Muscle mass’. I mean, I totally understand the problem of the matter – men just want to get bigger so they could have more impressive physiques like Mike O’Hearn, Simeon Panda, Steve Cook, Christian Guzman and many other famous fitness models that have, without doubt, impressive and developed bodies.

The problem however is that most of members the internet community expect to receive some sort of a secret, a button if you will, that will enable their bodies to grow to the point where they could finally say that they are happy with themselves. You can technically do that if you decide to start taking augmenting tools such as steroids, however, I really do not recommend that you do – we are trying to keep it healthy here people and a well-known fact around the block is that steroids are going to cause a lot of internal issues and overall health problems in a future aspect. Read the rest of this entry


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